PioneersAsia 2016 life science of biotechnology start-ups


This paper is a part of the coverage of the Pioneers Asia 2016

This paper is a part of the coverage of the Pioneers Asia 2016

23 March, the Pioneers Asia 2016 was held in Tokyo, we had a panel discussion on the life sciences and agriculture is provided in the afternoon. European countries, including Austria, historically strong industry related to drug discovery and medical care (and, therefore, also a look at the sales level of the world of pharmaceutical manufacturers, many occupied by American and European companies), Pioneers is to deal with this topic, it can be said that makes sense.

In this session,

Based in California / United Kingdom, Oshiorenvova Agabi Mr. Koniku the development of neurons (nerve cells) technology
Based in San Francisco, Arturo Elizondo said of Clara Foods to develop and manufacture an artificial egg yolk or egg white
Based in Paris, Pierre Dessein’s GenePred to fibrosis tendency of the liver using the algorithm gene analysis
… I have been on stage.

Program director of Indiebio Ruan Bethencourt Mr. served as the moderator. Bethencourt said, but especially DIY bio world-renowned figure in the field of biotechnology and hack (biotechnology research carried out at home) (able to hack their bodies with bio). Currently, based in San Francisco, which operates the accelerator “Indiebio” that specializes in biotechnology.


The field of life sciences and biotechnology is, mainly the future of food, biomaterials (bio material), that is roughly divided into the field of drug discovery. Bethencourt said, citing the words of Ito MinoruKazuuji of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab Director, “the Internet of the hardware of technology whereas the processing capacity in the two years from one and a half years is doubled (Moore’s Law ), the world of Bio, said that 5 to 6 times faster speed. ”

Agabi’s Koniku, it mediated a person convey the information, beginning with the first paper (print) by the invention of Gutenberg, increasing processing capacity by the invention of the transistor, appeal is now the era of the neuron. The human brain, 40PFlops (petaflops, flops in or floating-point operations per second can be many times, the unit shows the processing capacity of the computer. By the way, since the chip mounted on the latest model of the iPhone is 230GFlops, human the brain has its about 2 there will be thousands of times the processing power) of processing power, storage capacity of 1PB (petabyte) is, it is sufficient capacity to record all the United States of the Congress proceedings

pioneers-asia-2016-lifesciences-session-oshi-1 (1)

He piled up research in this field for more than 15 years, the structure analysis of the neuron, connection, we have developed a stabilization technology. Currently, the product of the neuron circuit that is the iPad size of, until the fourth quarter of 2018 5 the size of the St. currency that he is goal that downsizing is up to (approximately 20mm in diameter).

Agabi said the bee is to amplify the nerve signals about the smell in the body, pointed out that there is an ability to be sniffing the smell of one kilometers away, for example, by applying it to the neuron technology, just so happens in order to prevent terrorism, such as has occurred in Belgium, drone that can detect a bomb in an airport told the possibility of development.

Polar Bear Pitching 2016



Polar Bear Pitching gathers the coolest startups and visionary talents together with the investors, large audiences, and media.  This ice breaking event takes place in the Capital of Northern Scandinavia, Oulu in Northern Finland. In 2016, Polar Bear Pitching takes over the Oulu River on February 10-11th.


The Arctic pitching challenge is here again
now more global than ever!

The first Polar Bear Pitching took place in February 2014 and was an immediate success! Close to 30 startups jumped into the icy waters as well as numerous keynote speakers and investors. We even had a violinist from the city orchestra celebrating the spectacular occasion by performing in the ice hole. Today, over 60% of the startups that pitched then are now well financed and really getting forward. So far the 2014 event has been the only ice hole pitching event ever on the globe!


Despite being a startup blog owner, I have never really thought of us as being “cool”. However in a weeks’ time there will be pitching business in the “coolest competition in the world”. But alas this isn’t due to all the trendy types in the area rubbing off on us and therefore a rise in our social status, no no no. Here Startups are instead pitching in a hole cut in the ice! In Finland! In freezing cold water! In front of investors! While also being filmed and broadcast to the audiences all over the world!!


On February 25, Tbilisi will host an international gaming forum Georgia Gaming Congress


The representatives of business, government and expert community will discuss the prospects of gambling for the year 2016 and learn about the latest products from software and equipment developers

Georgia Gaming Congress has managed to establish itself as the biggest event for the representatives of the gambling industry in Georgia. The organizer Smile-Expo Company has taken the best from the Gaming Congress 2015 and invited even more speakers, government officials and foreign guests. We have much to discuss, because 2015 is memorable due to a number of large transactions, and the next year promises to be no less interesting.

What is the Forum for?

Georgia is known for its experience of reforms and liberalization of business; it is one of the world leaders in the development of the gaming sector. Offline and online gambling in the country quickly takes up and develops the latest trends: from operation with Bitcoin to fantasy sports.

The search for new strategies, understanding the needs of new audiences, development of software and specific legislation regulating new areas of gaming – all these issues require clarification and discussion. To do this, the industry professionals will meet together at Georgia Gaming Congress.

In addition, the participants will familiarize with the newest solutions in the framework of the demo area, as well as communicate with each other at the VIP-party in one of the best restaurants in Tbilisi.

The forum participants:

  • owners and managers of online and offline casinos;
  • legislative representatives;
  • investors;
  • experts from around the world;
  • manufacturers of equipment for land gambling;
  • developers of software for online casinos and betting terminals;
  • representatives of related areas (hotel and construction business);
  • specialized mass media.

The conference topics:

  • Features of gaming business in Georgia: laws and taxation;
  • Ways of business development;
  • New areas of online gaming;
  • How to find your audience: what are the characteristics of online players?
  • Marketing tools to increase profits;
  • What are the key players from the US and Europe investing in?

Demo area

Manufacturers of equipment for casinos and slot machines will present their new products, and software developers will present effective solutions for online business within the framework of the demo area.

VIP party

A nice feature of Georgia Gaming Congress will be a networking party in the VIP format held at one of the best restaurants in Tbilisi. Caucasian hospitality and traditional Georgian cuisine will emphasize the informal nature of the meeting. It is a great opportunity to communicate with the speakers of the Congress and specially invited VIP guests over a glass of unsurpassed Georgian wine!

Why is Georgia Gaming Congress so unique?

  • In recent years, the gambling business in Georgia has been developing successfully, attracting more foreign investors. A favourable position of Georgia plays an important role. Indeed, the gambling is either prohibited or restricted in the neighbouring countries.
  • Gaming Congress will provide a comprehensive vision of gaming business: Conference + Demo area + informal communication.
  • The event will bring together on one platform not only b2b audience, but also representatives of the legislative power regulating the industry.



The organizer of the congress Smile-Expo Company has an extensive experience in conducting forums and conferences in the field of gambling in Georgia and the CIS countries. Having a solid base of contacts, the company invites the most interesting speakers and key market players to its events. Smile-Expo not only provides a platform for events, but also defends the interests of the gambling business in the dialogue with the authorities.

We wait for you on February 25 in Tbilisi. Please register on the official website .


Startup Istanbul 2015 lineup of finalists

was held in Istanbul, Turkey, the Middle East and North Africa region’s largest startup conference ” Startup Istanbul 2015 from “, I want to tell the pattern of pitch Competition” Startup Challenge “. In the Startup Challenge, applicants were received from around the world, 100 teams of 68 countries from within it has passed through the qualifying.

Is focused on mentoring of results 50 team, still there from the Startup Istanbul 2015 through a review by the investor, which was held the day before, 17 teams remained in the finalists. Last year’s result When I compared with, Pakistan bias has bite even three teams to the finalists, it can be seen and that boasts the overwhelmingly dominant.

He had served as a judge of the Startup Challenge finals it’s following people.

  • Steve Blank Mr. (educator about the entrepreneur and entrepreneurship, writer)
  • Andrea Barrica Mr. (500 Startups venture partners)
  • Sato TeruEi Mr. (BEENEXT founder)

In addition, MC of the pitch, was served as Erhan Erkut’s Ojegin university professor.Initially, it was scheduled to Dave McClure chaired the jury from 500 Startups, Dave has a Andrea from that of the fatigue caused by jet lag was decided that serve as a pinch hitter.

Winner: NIMS (Kenya)


In Kenya, about half of the population do not have a bank account. Thus, although in many companies are paying the salary to the employee in cash, the business of this for salary payment becomes complicated. NIMS is, by the mobile higher penetration rate than the bank account to the window of monetary transfer, can save the labor involved in the payroll. Employees who received pay mobile can purchase goods intact mobile payments can be or cash.


Second place: iGrow (Indonesia)


iGrow ‘s a platform that can grow crops over the Internet. User in the city that can not be engaged in agriculture, sponsored the funds through the iGrow, it is possible to ask the cultivation of agricultural crops in distant farm. by invested funds, from the crops harvest sales obtained. The user is able to get 40% of the harvest sales, the remaining 60% is used for the development of subsequent crops.


3rd place: Taskulu (Iran)


Taskulu , the service that specializes in providing task management tool Trello and business groups within the information sharing tool Slack of linkage function.Originally the shared information has been offered the ability to manage the access restrictions in the group, receiving the voice of the user and pivots to the present form. By using the Taskulu, user becomes easy to roll grant the creation and personnel projects. Many users Te Iran abroad Nii, we have to close the funding of $ 800,000 to date.


Mytoddlr (Nigeria)


Mytoddlr , the primary school enrollment on the front of the child-rearing, mobile communication / collaboration platform for parents. 2,000 guardian is using so far.Children’s growth, daily activities, and share the moment to be kept to a memory, to support parenting parents. Children’s sleep time, I can be analyzed and managed in Analytics screen also apps such as toilet time.

Pockee (Greece)


Pockee induces a customer to the supermarket O2O app. It is possible to obtain a discount coupon popular brands, and can be utilized in a supermarket. Every day, there is provided a more than 200 daily necessities of the coupon, in Greek domestic, it can be used when shopping at the nearest supermarket. For information about purchasing the discount is applied, within 1 to 7 from shopping to the user’s bank account or PayPal account discount amount is cash back.

Melissa Climate (Bulgaria)


Melissa Climate can lead to air conditioning IoT. Using smart phones, in addition to be remotely controlled from outside where the air conditioner is equipped, climatic conditions in the field, to learn, user habits, the power to be utilized and can be cut up to 25%. Recently, start-up conference was held in Hong Kong won the pitch Competition of RISE , it is similar in concept to the startup Ambi Climate of Hong Kong.

Picturesqe (Hungary)


Picturesqe by artificial intelligence, we can find immediately the pictures required from a large number of photographs solution. To understand user preferences by deep learning, from a plurality of pictures taken with a certain object, it is possible to hit a picture which the user wants the most. Guests can grouping photos that same person is captured, IntelliZoom ability to zoom in even trimmed without blurred photos, packed with useful features for people who deal with a lot of photos in business and private.

Expensya (France)


Expensya , the mobile app + cloud solutions to streamline the expense of employees of SMEs. Employees can use the app, it can be cost input in taking pictures of manual input or receipt. In addition to that you can export the data for many accounting applications, it is also possible to accountants to access the data through a dashboard. Japanese Staple and concepts are similar. The app, available for download iOS, Android, with Windows Phone. Per month 6.99 euros per user.

WebHR (Pakistan)


WebHR the cloud-based human resources management services. In freemium service, start-up and small businesses up to 10 employees can be used free of charge. The entrepreneurs that exceed the Number of Employees 10 people, takes a monthly cost of 60 cents per person user. So far, there are 12,000 companies sign up, out, already thing with pay user 400 companies of 190 countries. In the future, such as Fortune 500 in Europe and the United States we have the want to win customers with well-known companies.

Hajj Guider (Pakistan)


Hajj Guider is, the Mecca pilgrimage that can not be essential for the Muslim (Hajj) and small pilgrimage (Umrah), to support that accomplish without problems app. Can share information with each other pilgrims, for Mecca pilgrims special flights (Hajj Flight), accommodation information, it is possible to obtain such as the location of the information that is not navigation and congestion. In recent years, in the Mecca pilgrimage, pilgrims crowded and one after another and stampede death by, by sharing information, there is also intended prevent those problems. It will be released the app in 2016 early.

SecurityWall (Pakistan)


SecurityWall , the start-up by the Startup Istanbul youngest become Pakistan’s 17-year-old boy. Server, software, and provide a service that will be carried out on a regular basis the vulnerability diagnosis and malware defense and removal, such as a web app. In recent years, while the damage caused by cyber attacks and malware is increased, the situation has not put experts on security is in the company. To these companies, SecurityWall cloud manner to provide security services. Which was held in April 2015 Cyber ​​Secure Pakistan I have won.

Transterra Media (Lebanon)

Transterra Media , the marketplace that you can sell news, journalism, advertising text, photos, videos and the like. By There are 4,000 content providers, the news publisher to buy the content, and such as Al Jazeera and NBC such as the Middle East and Western broadcasters. For it was possible to sell content, 70% content supplier of sales, to distribute the 30% Transterra Media. Content suppliers, are collected by using the social media. Next year, the thing that expects sales of the year about $ 2 million.

WePress (Turkey, United Arab Emirates)


WePress , the marketplace that connects journalists who write articles, a video journalist to tell the news in video, publications in the art to which the applicable depending on the theme, and editors of online news site. Directory database of companies and editors of publishing broadcasting field are prepared, journalist presents the past work of their own, it can be a sales pitch. Also features message function that can interact with editors.

Waveit (Israel)


Waveit is, post photos and videos, by Tinder-like interface, to if you like right, to hate if left to bottom if the favorite, it is possible to swipe to the top if you share, can lead the people close interest social app. In addition to location information that I took a picture is displayed on the map, the user of the information that was that the photo post a favorite (wave) also appear on the map, to visualize what your post is affecting far be able to.

Uplift (USA)


Uplift , the Stanford university of unmanned aircraft (UAV) startup. Social Entrepreneurship (the social entree donor ship) it has in mind, it is an object of the present invention to be delivered relief supplies geographically or politically people need humanitarian relief. In recent years, especially as help solve the problem of Syrian refugees spread to Europe from Turkey, able to deliver the goods to the refugees across the border has been unveiled as one of the expected use cases.

Welcome (Greece)


Welcome is the first time I went traveling, provide services, such as if me like welcomed friends. In the right landed at the airport also do not know even the left, pick up by car at the airport, provide a SIM card for data communication, to achieve such as accommodation providers. Such as Airbnb and Uber, in cooperation with a number of sharing Economy service, features can provide these services at one-stop.Q about the visited & A and I accept through the app. For business trips of many people in the United States, Luggage clothing, but clothing was laundry to the hotel every time a business trip there is Dufl that will send is packed into a suitcase, it is interesting, even in conjunction with such services It may be.

Gaming Battle Ground (Croatia)

Gaming Battle Ground (GBG) , the platform on which the user creates an online gaming competition, can obtain an income by joining. Select a game, you can create a match by simply set the match date and the number of participants. We have partnered with the provider several companies that provide e-sports game, you can easily create these games of the tournament. It won the Startup Sauna Regional Conference which was held in Serbia in Belgrade in March this year.

Steve Blank Answering on Lean Startup Movement

lean startup

Steve Blank and Prof. Dr.Erhan Erkut were engaged in very interactive one-to-one questioning session at the stage of Startup Istanbul 2015 Conference.

The first question that Prof. Erkut put was about the current stance of MBA and what are the inadequacies for entrepreneurs? Mr. Blank was quite swift with the response as if had already said this a number of times. He responded that MBA teach people who to run and manage existing companies, but didn’t really emphasize on start-ups and what skills are required for initiating an entirely new business idea and the challenges related to it.

The second question of Prof. Erkut was on the mitigation of challenges faced by new entrepreneurs and the role of MBA degree in it? Blank’s response to this was that MBA is too theoretical and too less practical. We attain theoretical data, but never put that to test. What is important for the entrepreneurs in the MBA program is to go outside the classroom doors and sear for real data on business models, financial returns, and customer relationships. It is important to validate what being studied as bookish information is only partial information and it does it does not inform about the process and pathway towards the attained outcome.

Prof. Erkut then asked for answer to the dilemma, “Market for product” or “Product for market”, and what’s the right way to proceed. Steve Blank responded that both ways are possible and appropriate, depending on the situation and what-way-to-go the entrepreneur seeks for. The business founder can first target a market, understand their need, and the design a product or have a technology that would meet the demand of a larger niche and enter the market with it. Either way, it is important that product fits the market needs.

When asked about Minimum Viable Product (MVP) model, Blank discussed the formation of questionnaire, surveys, power-points or any other material with which the product or service can be explained to the target market and their responses and suggestions can be attained.  It is very unlikely that all the initial assumptions of the founders about the business model and product features would be 100% accurate and pertinent to customers’ need. So, MVP should be considered as a periodic process, entailing customer segmentation, data collection, cluster making, and product improvement. Blank suggested a 72 hour hold for pivot, to test the changes before changing again. Blank reminded that it was a rare situation that a start-up gets their initial assumptions correct.

The question-answer session was summed-up by Blank’s suggestion for the government on reducing the paper work and spending more money in start-up businesses so to attract more ideas and more entrepreneurs from around the globe. The more easier the start-up process is and the more money is provided to them, the more ideas will be generated and the more chances of successful businesses.

Steve Blank to Present Keynote in Start-Up Istanbul Event

steve blank

When it comes to start-ups, Stave Blank is a name that does not need any introduction. Blank was announced as the keynote speaker for the Start-up Istanbul program, which was attended by more than 1500 entrepreneurs, investors, and other business professionals. The aim of Start-up Istanbul program was to enlighten the dynamics of the entrepreneur world, and who better to explain it than Steve Blank, who has been part of silicon-valley for more than 20 years and have worked with eight start-up companies.

Steve Blank is globally known as the co-founder of Epiphany. He will be delivering the keynote speech of Start-up Istanbul event along with Dave McClure, who is the founder of 500 Start-ups.They together will select the best three promising start-ups among 100 during the entrepreneur presentations. The reason why this event has received so much hype is primarily because of the presence of Blank, who is known as the Champion in the world of creative and promising start-ups and the hype got further loud when he announced that he will be supporting and even financing some of the best ideas presented in the event.

Blank is not only an entrepreneur, but also a teacher for business management and entrepreneurship at U.C. Berkeley, Stanford University, Columbia University, NYU and UCSF. His vast experience in teaching and nourishing young graduates into successful entrepreneurs is what gives him an extra edge over the other masters in the field.

The event will also include other speaker like Morten Lund, Danish co-founder and investor of the world famous Skype and Kimberly Kadlec, global marketing veteran and president of Starcom MediaVest Group, who will share their journey and experience so to illuminate on the early stages of a start-up and what skills are needed to make things happen as an entrepreneur.

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